River Gallery in Chattanooga

Well, it's been a long time since I posted.  It's not that I've been away from the studio, it's just that sometimes I take a break from myself.  I like a routine, but after a while I rebel against those routines.  What a funny gal, I am.

 I have a show opening this week in Chattanooga at River Gallery.  Here are a few of the paper mache pieces in the show.


oN thEir wAy

These are just a few of the tins that are on their way to Leslie Flynt in Santa Fe, NM.


BiRd HoUse

This week I delivered my piece for the Penland Benefit Auction, August 7 -8, 2015.  It's a wooden bird house with a stack of paper mache birds on top.   14 " w x 24 " h x 14" d


new tin paintings

I just sent a big batch of small tin paintings to Leslie Flynt in Santa Fe, NM.  Here is a sampling.........


Paintings for Michele Tuegel Contemporary

Here are a few of the paintings that I sent along with the paper mache animals to Michele Tuegel Contemporary in St Pete, FL.  The first two are 16 x 20 inches and I embellished the frames to integrate them with the painting.  The last one is 16 x 24 inches with a handmade and embellished frame.