Tiny Mailbox Update

My daily trips to the mailbox have been very exciting lately as mail for the TINY MAILBOX has been rolling in. When I was planning TINY MAILBOX I was so focused on the practical details that I forgot about the fact that all this mail would be coming to ME in my mailbox in large quantities! Silly, I know, but it's true. What a treat! I've even felt a bit guilty that, at least right now, I'm having all the fun. But, TINY MAILBOX will be up in a few weeks for others to enjoy and I'll be sending out a special something to participants after the show. Thanks so much to all who have sent in mail. If you're in the area please come see TINY MAILBOX.

Tiny Mailbox
River Arts District Studio Stroll
June 11 & 12
Cotton MIll Studio
122 Riverside Dr
Asheville, NC