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Hello Friends and lovers of tiny adventures,

Are you a fan of sending and receiving mail? Mail the old fashioned way? Snail mail? Escargo? Slow mail, like slow food? I am! It's hard to beat the joy of opening that box on a pole, peeking inside to find greetings from a friend next to bills and endless catalogs. Or the fun of creating a little something to fly into someone else's mailbox. It's a rose to smell, a moment to pause, a tiny adventure before the rush of daily doings resume. No matter if the greeting doesn't always bring the sun. Raindrops help to make things grow.
So here's the pitch: my friend, Mark Boyd, and I built a tiny gallery last winter. It's a 6' x 6' structure that exists as a freestanding portable gallery free to the public. During the River Arts District Studio Stroll, June 10 - 12 in Asheville, North Cakalackey Tiny Gallery will become TINY MAIBOX. I'm asking anyone interested to make and mail whatever you would like to be included in TINY MAILBOX. This isn't a mail art show, it's a open show to demonstrate the wonders of slow mail and encourage others to take up their pen (so to speak). Besides the mail you send on display, I will also have free blank cards and envelopes for viewers to take with them so they can create their own slow mail. There are a few guidelines:
1. There are no guidelines-
This show is about the joys of sending and receiving mail. So make or write something you would like to receive in your box on a pole. All entries will be displayed on the walls of Tiny Mailbox and will become the property of the Official Archives of Tiny Mailbox. For your effort in promoting slow mail I will make and send (by mail, of course) a surprise after the show ends. Please pass this call on to anyone you think might enjoy participating. The more the mailer. (sorry, couldn't resist)

Please send all mail postmarked by May 10 to me, Margarer Logsmell, 122 Riverside Drive, Studio D, Asheville, NC 28801. Remember to include your return address so I can send you your surprise. Oh, and your email address too ( yes, email is a fine way to communicate also) if you would like updates/photos as the project progresses. I promise not to clog your in-box. The update will just be a link to this blog where I'll post the post.


yours truly,
Margaret Cogswell, Tiny Post Mistress
aka- Margarer Logsmell