More DOGs

These 3 paper mache dogs are on their way to GreenHill's Winter Show.


Two Sisters 2014 Calendars

Our wall and desktop calendars are back from the printer and ready to ship.  Here are a few images.  For a complete look at all the images and to place an order click here- TWO SISTERS.



beautiful bok choy stump and a dog days sunflower


2014 calendar

Each year in July I start working on images for the next year's Two Sisters calendar.  Here is a sampling..........


Huffington Post Book Blog

BOOK PLAY on the Huffington Post !


Pocket Book

Good friend, Michelle Francis, will help lead a hands on demo of this fun and handy "pocket book" at my Malaprops book signing for BOOK PLAY tomorrow, June 29th at 3:00.  It's a easy folded structure that anyone can make from an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of copier paper.  Please come!!!


Book Signing and Demo at Malaprops

If you're in Asheville, Sat June 29th come on down to Malaprops Book Store from 3- 4.  I will be signing copies of BOOK PLAY and, with the help of friends, leading a demo on making a folded pocket book (book of pockets).


It's that time of year and I love it!

I guess my mom didn't like hydrangeas because in my childhood yard full of flowering scrubs there wasn't one hydrangea.  I didn't really discover the magic of hydrangeas and their
range of delicate blues and purples until I visited my mother-in-law's home in Atlanta many years ago.  I love the flower's color, the fullness of the mop-head flower clusters and the low maintenance nature of the scrub.  It doesn't ask for much, but gives and gives for weeks.  Yesterday I cut a big bunch to bring inside.  They make me smile and soothe my soul.  Thank you hydrangea!



I can't help it, it's dogs, dogs, dawgs.  Here are some new ones just in time for the River Arts Studio Stroll this weekend.  All 3 are milk paint, acrylic paint and ink on tin.


Ms. Kitty's Perro

My mother, Ms. Kitty, brought this perro home from Oaxaca, Mexico about 20 years ago.  There is something about this clay pup that draws people in.  When my niece was little she used to carry him around like a baby and tell him stories.  At one point I took him to my studio for inspiration.  Before long, I returned him to my mom's house because he was such a distraction to visitors.  Many were more interested in the dog than anything else.  They wanted to know his story and to have their picture taken with him.  I even had one person repeatedly come back to the studio just to visit the dog.  (I know, it could be that the dog is just more fascinating than my work, but never underestimate the charm of this canine.  I've seen him steal the scene no matter the context.)

My Mom is gone now but the pup still lives at her house.  My sisters and I put him on a shelf for safe keeping because there are lots of visitors to her house.  This past weekend a friend of my mom's asked me about the dog- he had remembered that magnificent perro.  It got me thinking that I would bring him down from the shelf and to my house for a visit.  So here he is.  A photo can't capture his unique dogness, but it will have to do until you can see him for yourself.