Goodbye Dolph and Jessie

We finished our class with a group shot (photo 1) and a toast to a great week.
photo 2: class show and tell



I'm finally getting back to Dolph's class. It was a frenzy of activity the last day and 1/2 of class and I didn't get a chance to make a post. Immediately after my assistant duties ended on Saturday I left for a walk across Scotland- Fort William to Inverness. It was fabulous, but that's another story. I'm eager to show the results from our week with Dolph.

My last installment had Dolph with his cover almost finished. He wanted to add a round piece of poly carbinate to act as a window over the cut out circle. Inside this window he planned to put a red paper airplane. He cut the poly out with scissors and used tiny nails to hold it in place.(photo 1) Next he put wood glue on the back of the wooden front cover (photo 2), placed the paper cover onto the wooden cover and clamped it all together.(photo 3) 30 minutes later the clamps came off and he repeated the gluing process with the back cover. Another 30 minutes and - Voila! (photo 4)