Fun With Crowns

A few weeks ago our friends Karen and Craig Morgan brought their son, Justin, and his girlfriend, Mali, to visit my studio.  Justin and Mali were in town from San Francisco.  Mali was immediately drawn to my crowns.  A fashion show commenced with much laughter and fun including Justin modeling a "Tess" crown.  Thank you Mali and Justin- my crowns never looked better!


Time Out

My husband and I recently returned from 2 weeks in Colombia, South America where we visited our son who has been living there for the past year.  I was stunned by the beauty and color that abounds in this vibrant country.  Americans rarely travel to Colombia because the perception is that it is dangerous.  While that was true 10 years ago, now it is very safe.  This was the best kind of vacation- fun and challenging at the same time.  I was completely taken out of my world and thrown into a swirl of people, striking landscapes, exotic fruit, and bright colors every where.  The creative recycling/repurposing/living-by-your-boot-straps that goes on out of necessity was exciting and inspirational.  A sure way to put things in perspective and to remember "there's more than one way to live a life."