Confessions Of A Small Dog

Confessions Of A Small Dog      
                 by issy

i feel like a BIG dog
i ate the butter, but let the cat take the blame
i want to be the ONLY alfa dog
i think i am part human, therefore i deserve human food
i pooped on the rug because i didn't want to go out in the rain
i am addicted to dry crusty cat turds from the litter box
i don't like it when you talk to me in baby talk
i hear selectively
when you are gone i sleep on your bed with my head on your pillow
sometimes i wish you were a dog


Drawings from Journal Books

My Journal books are 4.5 x 4.5 inches in size and contain 24 pages.  The contents of each book is drawn and/or collaged during one day.  They are based on my daily journal which is usually images rather than text.  The objective of my daily journal as well as these books is to create without filters, working as spontaneously as possible.  These images become the seed for much of my other work.