Confessions Of A Small Dog

Confessions Of A Small Dog      
                 by issy

i feel like a BIG dog
i ate the butter, but let the cat take the blame
i want to be the ONLY alfa dog
i think i am part human, therefore i deserve human food
i pooped on the rug because i didn't want to go out in the rain
i am addicted to dry crusty cat turds from the litter box
i don't like it when you talk to me in baby talk
i hear selectively
when you are gone i sleep on your bed with my head on your pillow
sometimes i wish you were a dog


  1. Margaret - my friend Louise Cecil is taking Ron Meyer's workshop at Penland - she is going to come by and visit - she attended your workshop at UAB - if I come to her place at Montreat I'll try to hook up with you but don't have your digits!
    Doug Baulos

  2. great website, margaret!
    I have some nice pics from the 50th for you.
    Did the youtube video get posted by Ron(name?), the guy who is a pro photographer? I couldn't find it.