More DOGs

These 3 paper mache dogs are on their way to GreenHill's Winter Show.


  1. Where have I been? I have missed so much. I find your work utterly fascinating and it appeals to me on so many levels. I make books (among other things), I have a JRT named Tess (called Tessy), and on and on. You have nothing on your Etsy page. Will you be adding to it soon?

    1. Sara,
      Thanks so much! My Etsy page, I know, it's embarrassing!, but I haven't been able to keep it stocked because of other deadlines. I wish I had something for you to see. I will be putting work up soon, but probably not in time for the holidays. Bad business, but it's all I can do.

      The brown dog you asked about is already sold. I can make you one similar if you want. They are generally about $250 - $350. I'm booked until March, but would be happy to work on something for you after that.

      I love that you have a Tess too. My Tess is in dog heaven now, but she's still with me.

      Thanks again for your interest in my work-