Keep It In The Road

The past 2 weeks I have been working on a new artist book.  It is titled Keep It In The Road- words to keep your life on track.  (Photo 1)   One side of the first car carries the title, the other side reads Roundtree-Couch patented dispenser of aphorisms, faux wisdom and vague prophecy.  (photo 2)  On top of this car is an old metal tape dispenser.  From the dispenser you can take one of 28 numbered sayings- as you would a piece of tape.  The second car holds the Explainer.  The back side reads the Explainer for elucidation and interpretation according to Kitty Rountree and Coochie Couch.  Open this car and you will find the Explainer, extra rolls for the dispenser and a mirror for reflection. (photo 3)  The Explainer contains the numbered aphorisms with etymology (Kitty or Coochie), definition, and cross reference to other aphorisms within the Explainer.  All the sayings are from my parents- phrases my 3 sisters and I grew up hearing.  For example:  #5. Whatever blows your skirt up.  (Coochie)  1. whatever makes you happy  2. whatever excites you  3. whatever 

This book is for a group show at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in Asheville, NC opening April 30.


  1. I can't wait to see this piece up close and personal. Congrats on the show!

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