Today Dolph demoed a technique he developed using graphite and shellac. Using a mixture of ground graphite and liquid shellac he painted onto a board that he had embellished in different ways. After the graphite had time to dry he used a dry rag to polish it up. The raised areas burnished nicely with the end result creating a beautiful metallic look. Even subtle marks come alive. The class dubbed this technique "dolphite".


  1. Very cool! You'll have to demo this for those of us not lucky enough to be in class with Dolph (boo hoo).

  2. I took a class with Dolph a few years ago and LOVED this technique.
    I have since found that Liquid Graphite (available at certain art supply stores) can render similar effects without having to mix the graphite and the liquid shellac.

    Isn't Dolph the most amazing, charismatic, versatile and talented artist? I felt so fortunate to have had the experience of meeting him and learning from him. I'm sure you did, too.

  3. i found this site doing a research on shellac
    i am doing an artist book with this procedure. but the graphite seem to rub of on my fingers no matter what i try to seal it with.
    was this happening also with this project. merci /thank you for the advice.

  4. Have you tried adding more shellac to the mixture? Also,I've found that there is some "aging" that goes on. If you burnish it well it may still shed a bit the next couple of times you touch it, but at some point it becomes stable. I don't use a sealer on mine.