Fun With Paper Mache

My friend, Gail, brought her granddaughter, Natalie, to the studio last week for a visit.  Natalie decided she'd like to make a paper mache cat for her dad in memory of their dearly departed Fozzie cat.  Gail joined in by making a dog modeled after her pup, Chessie.  The first afternoon they made the shape of their animals with newspaper and making tape.  They left with paste and instructions on how to coat the  animals with layers of paper and paste.  At the end of the week they returned to put the finishing touches on Fozzie and Chessie.  We had such a fun time and their animals are adorable!


  1. I love paper mache and I love cats. You did a very nice job using both. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful pieces.

  2. This sounds (and looks!) like entirely too much fun. Love Fozzie and Chessie, and admire the artists!

  3. Hello Margaret, I'm Xin Wei, remember me?
    Is the animal all made by newspaper? Had other things inside?
    Dog and cat were so cute!!!

  4. Love the whimsical cat and dog - very sweet project.