BookOpolis 2012

BookWorks in Asheville, NC will again sponsor BookOpolis September 21- 23.  BookOpolis is an open call for handmade books of all kinds and a weekend of book and print related fun.  I look forward each year to creating a piece for this unique event.  There is something for everyone and for all ages.  One of the highlights is the ability to handle most of the books.  Typically book shows only allow the viewer to "look, but not touch."  At BookOpolis as long as your hands are clean your fingers and mind are free to roam the "pages".    Below is my entry for this year.

Many Me(s)
Artist Book Mixed Media Crown
12 x 10 x 10

This is the latest in a series of wearable books in the form of crowns.  I think of the crowns as visual manifestations of thoughts in my head.  Many Me(s) expresses my feeling of being mulitple and sometimes conflicting me(s).  There is the kind me, oppositional me, goofy me, greedy me, good girl me, pollyanna me, and melancholy me.

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